Comics I Read: Weekly Shonen Sunday 2018 Edition (Part 1)

I’ve been reading Weekly Shonen Sunday for about 26 issues now, inspired mostly by friend of the site Sakaki’s Weekly Shonen Sunday Talkback blog, and whilst my language skills aren’t quite up to snuff, I’ve been having fun reading about 3/4 of the magazine week-on-week. So to give me an excuse to gush a little about the titles I’m currently reading, here’s a list of them all from top to bottom, in terms of my personal enjoyment. The order isn’t *massively* relevant, as I do love EVERY SINGLE SERIES I’m going to talk about in this two-part write-up, it’s more an excuse to organise them all. So, eight series in this one, then the remaining seven, with the three latest Sunday series being exempt because hardly any chapters are out of those so far (with the promise of reviewing them in the future). Okay? Okay.


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