Things I’ve Done 2014-2017 Finale: Youtube

I almost skipped talking about this last thing I got up to during the FEV hiatus, because if we’re being honest for five minutes here, just about everyone and their auntie has tried doing their own hot video game content for the internet’s foremost hole for hot video game content, and a lot of mine is pretty lousy, as much as one could say I did ‘a lot’.

Regardless, last year I did a small handful of videos of me playing a whole bunch of different games I own on steam, from well-known hit Super Meat Boy, to lesser known indie gem Curse of the Crescent Isle DX, and even a little dabbling in King of Fighters XIII, a gaming series I love, but on reviewing the footage I am clearly complete trash at it. Or was, at least. I’ve put a lot more time into King of Fighters XIV, I swear.

There’s not a lot to talk about with these videos, but they were an important part of getting that itch to make something creative again. Just talking into the microphone as I piddled about in a game was enough to make me miss doing the same while thinking about manga. I was never really at ease with the format though, and have to throw my hands up and admire the people who do do it.

That said, I will probably return to this one day, if only to play video games based on the manga I’m featuring here, both in articles and the upcoming return of the podcast. In the wait for that though, why not check out my playthrough of Curse of the Crescent Isle DX, embedded below:


Things I’ve Done 2014-2017 Part 2: Tim & Max, and We Have Issues

Not everything I’ve done has been guesting on a manga podcast. In fact I’ve been on one more podcast, and co-hosted another. Probably more of a mark of the horrific lack of reliability that I’ve had all along, they’re still good stuff all the same, and more than worth writing about here as cherished products and contributions.

(I don’t think we came up with a logo or image for this pod. Must remedy)

Tim & Max Learnt Everything They Know About Life from Popular Culture

A sequel podcast of sorts to our short-lived attempt to solve all the problems rampant in popular culture that we’d done on the Geek Syndicate, TAMLETKALFPC was and continues to be mine and Tim’s irregular series about the valuable life lessons our life attached to screens, books, speakers, and such similar mediums, going through various periods of our young lives, and then onto specific forms of entertainment and the like, including that greatest of influences upon us both, the Star Wars. Like Manga Mavericks, we run long, to an almost unreasonable levels, especially for something so introspective, but I feel confident that the 9 episodes we’ve managed to put out so far have been quality pieces of entertainment, and the guests that Tim has managed to line up along the way have been fantastic. To say nothing of Tim himself.

Well, I *say* to say nothing. I’m gonna say a bunch. Timothy Swann has been a hell of a co-conspirator, able to tolerate my worst impulses, and doing the majority of the legwork for every episode of the show, despite whatever obstacles might get in the way. I couldn’t ask for a better co-podder, and is a fantastic pal. I’m sure if I’d ever pulled it out on my end we’d be much further along by now.

There’s been a lot of value in these shows, especially when it comes to getting the ropes of podcasting with other people. My approach to solo-casting may impress people occasionally, but it often comes down to me being very particular, as well as incredibly nervous about giving people a bad time. Getting to have lengthy, relaxed chats with Tim on the microphone has been a crucial learning experience when it comes to stepping outside the FEV comfort zone.

Look forward to more Tim & Max in the future, but in the meantime I *highly* recommend our episodes on Politics (Featuring James of 2 Grown Men, and We Have Issues), and Comedy (featuring comedy expert Josie). They’re good shows, where Tim, our guests and I all delve deep into topics we’re particularly interested in.


We Have Issues

It would be fair to assume from all I do both here and on social media that I’m mostly about Japanese comics. A TRICK! A RUSE! Before FEV even existed I was a presence on the Monkey On My Back Podcast, talking about a healthy MIX of Japanese and Western comics (with the occasional room for eurocomics but I need to up my game there). But yes, since late 2010 I’ve been doing little 5+ minute contributions for Nick and company, reviewing comics, talking industry nonsense, or whatever comics-adjacent stuff I can get away with. With the relaunch as We Have Issues I started out the gate with a series on the History of Manga, covering RIGHT UP TILL THE ACTUAL POINT MANGA HAPPENS, which brings us back to that whole unreliable thing again but, despite that disappointing failure to keep something up (fnarr fnarr), I’ve since been keeping up a pretty irregular series of contributions whenever I can, through varying times for the podcast, both good and bad. It’s a good show, and a great platform to just gush about stuff I like, or even to crap on stuff I hate, though as mentioned in a previous post, WHI has an unoffical lean towards comics positivity, and that lesson has been one of the most important things when it comes to doing my own comics commentary, in an area of the internet where cynicism tends to rule over all.

You can find all my contributions (and the occasional other episode where the word max turns up in the episode description) over on this link here, and all History of Manga contributions in this series of links you’re seeing now. Wait, that didn’t work out. One more HERE.

That ALMOST catches you all up on everything of interest I’ve done. But not quite. I’ve still got one more thing I’ve done, and it’s… It’s not amazing, but I’ve got a lot to say about it, and want to come back to it at some point. Look, it’s a let’s play youtube channel, right? Jesus.

Things I’ve Done 2014-2017 part 1: Manga Mavericks/Fights

It’d be remiss of me to go straight into the relaunch without tipping visitors off to some of the things I’ve been doing since quitting FEV in late 2014, and this gives me a chance to plug some stuff I’ve done, and at least one quality podcast I’m proud to have been involved with some episodes of, and even to do some extra chat about such stuff. There’s a few things to cover, and this first one has a lot to talk about, so consider these bonus posts that are going to go up around the ordinary schedule, just to give you more things to look at.


Manga Mavericks/Manga Fights

This is probably the big one, in relation to FEV. I’ve never really been able to find any sort of manga or anime chat (be it podcast, vlog, video review, et cetera) that really felt like it was doing the sort of stuff I wanted to see or hear. Hosts Colton and Sid successfully go on for hours at a time about various manga, anime, and adjacent materials, and it’s never anything less than stellar, even if it can take me an entire month to get through the occasional overlong episode (not that I’m one to talk, but more on that later).

Colton had been kind enough to have me on for an episode of a previous podcast on a different site (which never went up), and thankfully wasn’t put off enough to have me on multiple times on the Mavericks’ side-show, Manga Fights, to debate the various matters of Toriko and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as well as recording a lost-forever episode about Weekly Shonen Jump in more general terms (something being remedied in the immediate future with a NEW episode about Weekly Shonen Jump this very month!). These guys have lit a fire under my arse talking about manga again, showed me that there’s great content being made out there by passionate manga and anime fans, and if we’re being honest I wouldn’t be bringing this site and podcast back without them.

And hey,┬áColton actually got that first podcast we did together up under the Manga Mavericks banner! Predictably, it’s about Hi-Fi Cluster, a comic so heavily in my arena as to both be A) a Shonen Jump comic, and B) a cancelled comic.

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The F!E!V! Post-mortem: What worked, what didn’t, & the future


Goodness me, it *has* been a while, hasn’t it? Roughly two years and change since the Barrage episode of FEV, and the indefinite hiatus of the site and podcast. My time away has been a bit of a blessing, giving me time to work out my frustrations with online manga and anime communities, to start taking apart what was making the show so hard to work on, and to decide how I would want to approach it if I returned to it in the future.

Which is the interesting position I find myself in now. Ready to start again. But we can’t start anew without first looking at the disgusting, bloated corpse of the original Friendship! Effort! Victory!, harvesting the few good ideas while putting its worst aspects to bed in a fiery grave. So let’s look back one last time, before we move forward to FEV 2017.

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