Hello and welcome to the about page for Friendship! Effort! Victory!, an about page about a podcast about the history and comics of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Jump pirate 2

What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones. Whether it’s talking about the validity of all the rumours around Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, the strange circumstances surrounding the publication of Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z, or just the sheer impact of Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata’s Hikaru no Go on the youth of Japan’s gaming habits, I’m there with information and opinions on it.

Why do you sometimes introduce some of the episodes of Series One as “minisodes”? – Well, back in the early days I had the idea to differentiate between series where I had something to say about the behind-the-scenes stuff and series where all I had to talk about was the comic itself by having the latter be in shorter side-episodes called “minisodes”. This turned out to be a terrible formatting decision, and has since been abandoned. For the best.

Why are you doing this podcast? – Well, I’ve been pretty heavily into manga since 2004, owing massively to Viz Media‘s Shonen Jump label, and I guess a result of that has been me being mad into the original Japanese anthology those series came from, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Years have passed and I’ve picked up far more knowledge than need be about it, and wanted a place to get that information down, both to inform listeners and to vent my own brain and make room for other things.

Just who is this podcast for? – That’s the beauty of Friendship! Effort! Victory!, it’s for anyone! Of course it helps if you’ve read the original material, but more than anything this is my attempt at an accessible history of a great 45-year old publication. I try to keep things light and entertaining, and certainly try to sell you on actually going out and buying the original material, so it *should* work for any of you. If it doesn’t, tell me why it doesn’t, and I’ll try to accommodate you.

What’s with that pirate guy? – That’s the Jump Pirate, the mascot Weekly Shonen Jump has had since its first issue, way back in 1968. He’s getting on a bit in years now, but he fights on, representing the magazine through thick and thin. In the last decade he’s been pretty satisfied, knowing that Jump’s most popular series of all time (of all time!) is actually about pirates. He “never thought he’d see the day, matey”.

Are you going to do XX series? – Yes! I plan to systematically cover every single series that’s ever been in Jump. If it’s not been done yet you an drop me a line, and I’ll try to accommodate you as soon as soon as possible. At present there’s only two slots open to change in series one, so it’s more likely I’ll get to them in June with series two, but that’s not too far off.

I have some knowledge about XX series that you’ve missed, do you want to know it? – ALWAYS. There’s a *lot* of stuff I miss or simply don’t know about these comics, and letting me know allows me to add in corrections or new information to any extra content I do after I release the episode (the current plan is a monthly VLOG where I talk about such things).

How can I contact you? – There’s my e-mail (maxy dot barnard at gmail dot com), my twitter (@MaxytheBee), and commenting right here on the site.

Where oh where does he get those wonderful covers? – The covers I use for episode posters here on FEV are mostly sourced from two archives, the online collection of Akito-H, and that of the Kami-sama Explorer, both are inredibly useful in most cases, and are a great way of finding low-to-high quality scans from Weekly Shonen Jump‘s entire run.

Why don’t you swear? – Because this is an all-ages podcast, with a focus on a younger audience, much like Weekly Shonen Jump itself. Huh.

What’s your stance on manga piracy? – It’s stupid, and you shouldn’t partake in it, no matter how you try to justify it. This is an official stance of the pod. You can do what you want, but don’t pretend it’s somehow okay, or that you’re entitled to illegal scans.

Where do you order your manga from? – YESASIA handle most of my orders for original language stuff, and then beyond that it’s Amazon‘s Kindle service for most english releases, with the occasional physical release bought when necessary. I’m also experimenting with Japanese digital platforms like EbookJapan for out-of-print titles, and there’ll be a guide for that soon.

Any more questions? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “About/FAQ

  1. wasn’t really sure where to comment, so ill comment here. I really enjoy your podcast and was wondering if an up coming topic could be on one piece.

    • Hey, Kyle! Here’s as good a place to comment as any, but it does highlight how I’ve gone months without actually sorting out my about page ahaha.

      Anyway, One Piece… One Piece has been a series I wanted to do really early on, but it’s a massive undertaking, just because of its importance in the grand scheme of Jump, and it keeps getting put off. However there are plans coming up for the second series beginning in June, that I think will be perfect for something like One Piece, so I’d expect I’ll finally crack that one out then.

      Thanks for enjoying the show, and I hope you stick around long enough to see that episode come out!

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