Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 03 – Hoop Men

The first of what will surely be many, many gush-fests about cancelled comics.

art by Yukinori Kawaguchi, 2009


What is Hoop Men?: Hoop Men is Yukinori Kawaguchi’s 2009 basketball series about a relatively unskilled Yuuho Satou, who gets into basketball through the unusual circumstance of being able to translate for their new ace, Joshua Kuji Griffin Jr.! A surprisingly subdued story by Weekly Shonen Jump’s standards, and a quickly cancelled mess, but a beloved title I want to explore with you.

What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!: Friendship! Effort! Victory! (or FEV for short) is a podcast about the various titles in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50+ year history. It used to exist about half a decade ago, and it exists again now, with new episodes coming out on the second and fourth fridays of every month.

-You can read Viz Media’s release of Weekly Shonen Jump chapters HERE
-You can buy Hoop Men in Japanese digitally HERE
-No direct recommended reading for this episode, so here’s something I enjoyed reading recently: “All Folks Bright and Beautiful: The casual gender diversity of Heaven’s Design Team” by Dee over on Anime Feminist
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