Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 02 – Black Clover

Jump’s best series gets gushed about by a Jump fan with a mild cold

art by Yuki Tabata. 2015


What is Black Clover?: Black Clover is the sophomore title of one Yuki Tabata, serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2015 to the present day. It tells the story of a young orphan boy without any magical ability, Asta, as he aims to become the Wizard King. It’s also my absolute favourite Weekly Shonen Jump series currently running in the magazine, so here’s me gushing about it for 40 minutes.

What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!: Friendship! Effort! Victory! (or FEV for short) is a podcast about the various titles in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50+ year history. It used to exist about half a decade ago, and it exists again now, with new episodes coming out on the second and fourth fridays of every month.

-You can buy Viz Media’s release of Weekly Shonen Jump HERE
-You can buy Black Clover in English HERE (Physical), and HERE (Digital)
-You can buy Black Clover in Japanese HERE (Digital)
-Recommended reading for this episode: “Black Clover is Actually About Noelle” by Peter Fobian
-I have been on TWO episodes of excellent podcast and friend of the show Manga Mavericks to talk about Black Clover, and you can find even more of my enthusiastic opinions there! Here’s ONE, and here’s THE OTHER!
-You can find me on twitter @MaxytheBee
You can support me and the show over on Ko-Fi for as little as £3. Every bit helps.


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