Recently I had a week off of work, and wanted to finish a project that I’ve never quite managed to push through, and my mind immediately went to KTR’s Comic Room, and their fantastic Jump Assistant’s Chart, which I’ve tried to do stuff with on and off with for YEARS.

A huge brunt of the work had previously been done with help from Twitter pal (and skilled Gintama novel translator) Hugh, who had gone over an earlier chart for me some time back, providing a lot of the more difficult and obscure author and series names, giving me a lot of room to work on newer entries and to more easily verify the authors’ existences.

So with some additional basic translating, redrawing, additions and subtractions based on my own research (and the solid gold that is the Media Art Database), I can now present you with an updated, translated chart of Jump authors, and the people who’ve worked under them!


I’ll be revising and improving this whenever I get the chance, and would love to make more accessible or streamlined variants of it, but for the most part, I hope you enjoy this stupidly large chart. It’s pretty neat.

The work KTR has done here is phenomenal, and it’s been a joy to put together my own version of the chart, mostly as a personal resource for my own work, but also just as a thing to share with the community. So please feel free to use and share this chart as you like, but if you’re feeling particularly kind, drop me a few pennies over at Ko-Fi. It would be appreciated, and money earned that way goes straight back into the site and projects like this. Thank you.

UPDATE 16/09/18: Shiro Usazaki and their recently published assistant Kento Matsuura have been added to the chart.



  1. Aight so pretty important question that I could really use your help on. Me and my research partner are putting together a grand thesis theory of Shonen Jump that details that Yoshihiro Togashi is responsible for a lot of the narrative influence for newer Shonen Jump titles behind the scenes.

    Of course I we’re both aware that influence is a cooomplicated process and saying that Togashi has been impactful is like saying. “Yes the sun will indeed rise tomorrow.” but we feel his influence and direct assistance runs deep. So to prove this we already have a web of ideas and influences already built but to give it validity we need a more solid connection.

    I’ll spare you the details but to prove it we need to know if Kohei Horikoshi has any linkage to NisiOisiN’s Medaka Box. Whether he read it, liked it, has editors like Monji who read it, or even if Medaka Box (being a direct deconstruction of Shonen Jump) had a significant impact on the Jump staff and editors at the time.

    Anything you could provide would be amazing my friend keep up the stellar blogging work.

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