Things I’ve Done 2014-2017 Finale: Youtube

I almost skipped talking about this last thing I got up to during the FEV hiatus, because if we’re being honest for five minutes here, just about everyone and their auntie has tried doing their own hot video game content for the internet’s foremost hole for hot video game content, and a lot of mine is pretty lousy, as much as one could say I did ‘a lot’.

Regardless, last year I did a small handful of videos of me playing a whole bunch of different games I own on steam, from well-known hit Super Meat Boy, to lesser known indie gem Curse of the Crescent Isle DX, and even a little dabbling in King of Fighters XIII, a gaming series I love, but on reviewing the footage I am clearly complete trash at it. Or was, at least. I’ve put a lot more time into King of Fighters XIV, I swear.

There’s not a lot to talk about with these videos, but they were an important part of getting that itch to make something creative again. Just talking into the microphone as I piddled about in a game was enough to make me miss doing the same while thinking about manga. I was never really at ease with the format though, and have to throw my hands up and admire the people who do do it.

That said, I will probably return to this one day, if only to play video games based on the manga I’m featuring here, both in articles and the upcoming return of the podcast. In the wait for that though, why not check out my playthrough of Curse of the Crescent Isle DX, embedded below:


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