Things I’ve Done 2014-2017 part 1: Manga Mavericks/Fights

It’d be remiss of me to go straight into the relaunch without tipping visitors off to some of the things I’ve been doing since quitting FEV in late 2014, and this gives me a chance to plug some stuff I’ve done, and at least one quality podcast I’m proud to have been involved with some episodes of, and even to do some extra chat about such stuff. There’s a few things to cover, and this first one has a lot to talk about, so consider these bonus posts that are going to go up around the ordinary schedule, just to give you more things to look at.


Manga Mavericks/Manga Fights

This is probably the big one, in relation to FEV. I’ve never really been able to find any sort of manga or anime chat (be it podcast, vlog, video review, et cetera) that really felt like it was doing the sort of stuff I wanted to see or hear. Hosts Colton and Sid successfully go on for hours at a time about various manga, anime, and adjacent materials, and it’s never anything less than stellar, even if it can take me an entire month to get through the occasional overlong episode (not that I’m one to talk, but more on that later).

Colton had been kind enough to have me on for an episode of a previous podcast on a different site (which never went up), and thankfully wasn’t put off enough to have me on multiple times on the Mavericks’ side-show, Manga Fights, to debate the various matters of Toriko and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as well as recording a lost-forever episode about Weekly Shonen Jump in more general terms (something being remedied in the immediate future with a NEW episode about Weekly Shonen Jump this very month!). These guys have lit a fire under my arse talking about manga again, showed me that there’s great content being made out there by passionate manga and anime fans, and if we’re being honest I wouldn’t be bringing this site and podcast back without them.

And hey, Colton actually got that first podcast we did together up under the Manga Mavericks banner! Predictably, it’s about Hi-Fi Cluster, a comic so heavily in my arena as to both be A) a Shonen Jump comic, and B) a cancelled comic.


  • Was this in 2015? I want to say it was in 2015. An old recording with Colton that I had begun to believe was banished to the annals of history, it got to crop up after we lost some of our many, MANY hours of Toriko discussion, and despite feeling quite far removed from the person speaking on it, I think we put out a real interesting show talking about a weirdly notable failure in Weekly Shonen Jump’s history, albeit one that is an absolute b*tch to read legally now, as Viz didn’t see fit to collect it’s middling-to-low quality ass in digital volumes. Which is fair enough, really.
  • There was something very freeing getting to talk about a comic in looser terms than I normally allow myself on here. Like I don’t feel that I got to use all of my meticulous research on the series, but that wasn’t the point, and it sounds all the better for it. Sometimes it’s just nice to chat about stuff you’ve got thoughts about, you know?
  • It also gave me at least a few launching points to moan about certain nonsense that goes around manga circles, but that’s nothing new, is it. A good time, nonetheless.


  • Something far more recent! The Manga Fights format, of debating which of two choices deserves to be the winner of a category (i.e. Beefiest Boy*), turned out to be an intense experience, and something so far removed from my usual prep for a show that I got lost almost immediately. When under the pressure of a timer, and having to remember additional information both about your choice and the one you’re battling against… To say I got my behind handed to me by Sid is an understatement. By a certain point I forgot what the Nitro were called, a core concept of the series! Woeful.
  • That said, what a rush, and a chance to stretch my comedy chops. I’m not the sort to really desperately want to win an argument, but boy howdy do I want to make people laugh as I flail about trying to do so. Making up the synopsis for a Hollywood film version of Toriko, as well as trying to downplay Tommyrod’s intense fight against Toriko, stick in my mind as amazing moments in this episode, and more than make up for my brain shutting down round after round after round.
  • Having to make up an on the fly case for Terry being even slightly as good as the Monkey King is a nightmare experience I hope to never relive. You’ll hear me dodge this sort of problem with more left-field choices for my arguments in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Manga Fight.
  • One day I will beat Sid at his own game. The game being Manga Fights. It’s gonna happen.


  • Did you know that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of my favourite comics of all time? I’m aware that it’s part of the current episode plan for FEV, but that’s entirely because I have no idea how to approach it.
  • Sid and Colton basically got it right out the gate, if not at the expense of roughly EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS of airtime, by doing three episodes dealing with, in turn, discussion of all eight parts of the series, debating the best things in the comics, and answering just about a million questions people had about it. God knows that when I get around to it it’s going to be much shorter and nowhere near as deep, but… I mean it’ll also be three episodes, so there’s that. It did have three distinct series in Weekly Shonen Jump, after all.
  • Anyway, yes, the manga fight. In this episode I was pitched against the mad, bad, and dangerous to debate on JoJo megamind, VLordGTZ, and I gave a much stronger showing, even as VLord surprised me with pick after pick of what I thought were stronger choices than my own.
  • Foo Fighters, man. Not even my Sex Pistols stood a chance. Though I’m forever confident that Guido Mista and Sex Pistols are still one of the most interesting things in the entirety of the comic.
  • I wish I’d managed to go music dork more in this episode, as this was probably my best and only chance to do so without actually making some sort of music review site or podcast, and I’m not ready for that yet.
  • I managed to let the side down by not having read up on my JoJoLion, but having actually researched the current part of JoJo in the time since… What the heck is even going on there? It’s like Part 4 and Part 2 made a baby, and the baby had all sorts of horrifying deformities. But those in turn make it the most interesting baby you’ve ever read? Sorry, I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

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