Friendship! Effort! Victory! is closed

Friendship! Effort! Victory! is closed.

Friendship! Effort! Victory! will relaunch if and when I feel happy talking about manga again.


6 thoughts on “Friendship! Effort! Victory! is closed

  1. Isnt this the third time relaunching? 😦

    • Yes and no. It never really stopped when I started up again last time, just went ignored. This will be a complete rejig from the ground up. Older content is being fired into the sun, the site’s getting a redesign, it’s all changing into something both sustainable (a huge problem for the show, if all the delays have proven anything) and new.

      Which… Well, sounds like a big claim from someone who’s failed to keep a podcast running properly for years, but things are changing for the better, we hope.

  2. Friendship Effort Victory! Regardless the amount of times relaunching, what we need is friendship, and through the effort of friendship we can achieve victory. I think that is what the golden rules are for. Unwavering effort and friendship, lead to victory!

  3. Ummm so since summer has already passed is it gonna be winter now.

    • A very good question. FEV isn’t abandoned, but the scope of the relaunch changed significantly, and that, combined with the, uh, unfortunate death of my computer delayed stuff a huge amount. I’d say stay tuned for something substantial at the end of this month, but I have a really bad habit in overpromising, so we’ll see!

  4. Hey, just wanted to say that I recently discovered your podcast and that I love it. Hope you relaunch eventually!

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