Friendship! Effort! Victory! S02E05 – Barrage


art by Kohei Horikoshi, 2012

art by Kohei Horikoshi, 2012


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast examining the ongoing history of Shueisha’s 45-year old comics anthology Weekly Shonen Jump, and the hundreds of titles it has published over that period of time, placing each of them under the spotlight and looking at what they were, what happened, what they meant, and if they’re actually worth reading.

What is Barrage? – It’s the sophomore serialisation of Kohei Horikoshi, former cult creator and current Jump darling, telling the story of a young boy from the slums of an alien kingdom being mistaken for a prince and taking up the kingdom’s cause of maintaining peace on the planet, fending off alien invaders and the like. It takes elements of The Prince & The Pauper and the actual historical Warring-States Period, creating something not quite as interesting as either.



-Do you want to know more about Barrage? Wikipedia, as always.
-Do you want to buy Barrage? In english there’s always Amazon (UK) (US) (CA) for print, and VizManga for digital (US/CA only). In Japanese it’s currently out of print (I’ll update this if it returns), but totally out in digital over at ebookjapan.
– Want to know more about Weekly Shonen Jump? Wikipedia has you covered.
Are you in AMERICA? CANADA? THE UK? IRELAND? SOUTH AFRICA? AUSTRALIA? NEW ZEALAND? Weekly Shonen Jump. Available on apple devices and android.
-Are you AMERICAN? CANADIAN? You can also get Shonen Jump manga digitally over at Viz Manga dot com
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-Music used: “Into Planet”, “Loser!”, from Jump Ultimate Stars. All tracks as such belong to Ganbarion.



2 thoughts on “Friendship! Effort! Victory! S02E05 – Barrage

  1. I finally just listened to this episode after downloading it when it came out, spurned by the just released first chapter of My Hero Academia by Viz.
    It is a strange thing, but I feel the opposite of you on almost every point of the manga. Basically everything you didn’t like, I did. I almost feel like I could have delivered some of the exact same lines as you, but the only difference would be that you would be able to hear the huge smile on my face through my voice.

    That did not make this episode hard to listen to or uncomfortable though. It is really nice to hear others people’s opinions, and it is actually REALLY interesting to hear such reasons to not like a series that are totally valid, but can also be totally valid as to why someone would like the series.

    Great work as always. 🙂

    • YES. You are almost definitely my favourite commenter now, because this is totally how I like to view these things. When I’m making value judgements, it’s really important to understand that it totally is just me and my thoughts, and that if someone else likes it for any reason whatsoever then that’s *fine*.

      Barrage probably works a lot better for a lot of readers, especially any who’ve been reading shonen jump comics for less time than me, and I feel like I did it a bit of a disservice here.

      (on a side-note, Viz’s version of My Hero Academia is such a fantastic adaptation, and nearly everything I pick on Horikoshi for here isn’t present there (outside of the rival character, who’s a bit of a design nightmare for me, but has excellent theming), and I’m genuinely excited for the day-and-date chapters and digital release)

      Anyway, thanks for commenting, and hopefully you’ll check back as new episodes resume later this month.

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