Friendship! Effort! Victory! S02E01 – Shinmai Fukei Killco-san

Series 2! AT LEAST fortnightly! Sounds a bit better!

art by Masahiro Hirakata, 2012

art by Masahiro Hirakata, 2012


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory! – It’s a podcast examining the ongoing history of Shueisha’s 45-year old comics anthology Weekly Shonen Jump, and the hundreds of titles it has published over that period of time, placing each of them under the spotlight and looking at what they were, what happened, what they meant, and so on.

What is Shinmai Fukei Killco-san? – Initially known to global readers as Rookie Policewoman Kiruko-san, it is the tale of the eponymous mercenary turned police officer Killco Otonashi as she tries to become a lady-like officer in the small town of Nagashima, trying not to let her pervy superior Haruki Anjo down by… accidentally destroying huge chunks of the town with her superhuman strength and bladed tonfa. It’s pretty special, and showcases the talents of debuting creator Masahiro Hirakata to some great effect.

Show Notes:
– Want to buy Shinmai Fukei Killco-san? I got my copies from YESASIA, but you can also find them from Kinokuniya (search for “新米婦警キルコさん”) or Amazon Japan.
SHE HAS RETURNED! SHINMAI FUKEI KILLCO-SAN is totally available as a digital collection, from ebookjapan AND Amazon Japan. It’s a nice little sequel series, and super cheap at 100 yen.
-Want to see all the fan-art and junk that Killco-san got? Check out Pixiv and Doujinshi dot org (both NSFW).
-Want to know more about Weekly Shonen Jump? Wikipedia has you covered.
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