Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 28 – Dois Sol

Reborn. Renumbered. Recorded. Returns to the dead until 2014 straight away.

art by Katsutoshi Murase

art by Katsutoshi Murase


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory! – It’s a podcast examining the ongoing history of Shueisha’s 45-year old comics anthology Weekly Shonen Jump, and the hundreds of titles it has published over that period of time, placing each of them under the spotlight and looking at what they were, what happened, what they meant, and so on.

What is Dois Sol? – Dois Sol is portugese, translating roughly to “Two Sun”. Oh, and it’s also a sports comic by Katsutoshi Murase, following teen football coach Hiromasa Nonaga and the hyper-talented football savant Kappo Sakamichi as they try to bring their football team to new heights, facing off against reluctant team-mates, old enemies and new challenges on their journey to be the best.

Show Notes:
-Want to buy Dois Sol? It should be available from YESASIA, Kinokuniya (search for “Dois Sol” in your relevant territory) and Amazon Japan. After all, it didn’t exactly sell a whole bunch.
-Want to know more about Dois Sol? You can always try to read the Japanese Wiki page for it.
-Want to know more about Weekly Shonen Jump? Wikipedia has you covered.
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