Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 25 – Ryu Fujisaki

Overlong. Too much describing stuff. Interesting stuff.
The cover to Dramatic Irony, one of the two collections discussed this episode.


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones.

What is this episode about? – It’s about Ryu Fujisaki, creator of popular titles Hoshin Engi, Waq Waq and Shiki, and his short stories contained in the collections Worlds and Dramatic Irony. Worlds is work from his student days, and suffers as a result, but Dramatic Irony is a much more diverse and noteworthy collection. Either way, both are entirely worth hearing about, so jump on in.

What’s going on for the next two weeks? – Daily episodes! Yes, to catch up after the recent hiatus, I’m updating every day, or as close to every day as I can. It’s a bit of a challenge, but hopefully this horrific gimmick will please my patient audience. I’m taking weekends off, but by and large there should be 4-5 shows each week until the series is wrapped up. EXCITING.

Where are the show notes? – I got nothing. They’re down here.

-Want to read either Worlds of Dramatic Irony? You can get them used from Amazon Japan, or find at least some of the stories in the current collection known as Celestial Globe
-Want to know more about Ryu Fujisaki? Check out his wikipedia page.
-You can learn more about Weekly Shonen Jump over at the wiki page for it, which is almost slightly reliable.
Friendship! Effort! Victory!’s on iTunes, where subscriptions and reviews are always most welcome.
-You can find me on Twitter @Maxy_Barnard where I usually just swear and be wrong about stuff
-You can also find me on Tumblr over at The Despondent, where there’s an irregular supply of things relevant to mine and your interests
-You can also e-mail me at maxy dot barnard at gmail dot com if you’d like.
-As always the music used in this episode is from Jump Ultimate Stars. The intro is [INTO PLANET] and the outro, appropriately is ‘Loser’


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