Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 23 – ST&RS

Another manga with a weird name!
2011/30, ST&RS' Debut & Only Cover


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones.

What is this episode about? – It’s about ST&RS, the aspirational space manga, a title that tried to prove you can take your time and maintain your story in the cut-throat world of Weekly Shonen Jump, something it both succeeded AND failed at, confusingly. I also finally talk about how the polls work, and why long-form storylines are such a rarity in new Weekly Shonen Jump titles.

What’s going on this week? – Daily episodes! Yes, to catch up after the recent hiatus, I’m updating every day, or as close to every day as I can, until we’re ready for the last episode or two of the series. It’s a bit of a challenge, but hopefully this horrific gimmick will please my patient audience.

Where are the show notes? – The show notes are in space, they just don’t want us to escape!

-Want to buy ST&RS? Well, you can buy it in its original Japanese from places such as Amazon Japan or Kinokuniya (US)  (Taiwan) (Australia) (Thailand) (Malaysia) (Singapore) (Japan), if they operate in your country. Just search for ST&RS, because Kinokuniya seems to struggle with permalinks.
-Want to know more about ST&RS? Check out the Wikipedia page for it, which covers the basics of the comic pretty well.
The perspective on that volume 1 cover
-Other spacebound comics that are worth checking out: Orbiter by Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran (US) and the impeccable Twin Spica by Kou Yaginuma (US).
-You can learn more about Weekly Shonen Jump over at the wiki page for it, which is almost slightly reliable.
Friendship! Effort! Victory!’s on iTunes, where subscriptions and reviews are always most welcome.
-You can find me on Twitter @Maxy_Barnard where I usually just swear and be wrong about stuff
-You can also find me on Tumblr over at The Despondent, where there’s an irregular supply of things relevant to mine and your interests
-You can also e-mail me at maxy dot barnard at gmail dot com if you’d like.
-As always the music used in this episode is from Jump Ultimate Stars. The intro is [INTO PLANET] and the outro, appropriately is ‘Loser’


One thought on “Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 23 – ST&RS

  1. I was always mystified as to why ST&RS managed to stay so long in spite of its underwhelming ToC performance. Now that you mentioned it, Enigma and Harisugawa’s cancellations definitely played a factor in allowing ST&RS to go on longer than it should have went.

    I think for Enigma, as much as the editors probably decided that keeping ST&RS over Enigma was better, they still had some sympathy for the latter, hence the extra Jump NEXT! chapter. I remember you mentioned how Enigma could’ve expanded its final storyline into its own arc, the one that ties better with the first arc. Maybe that’s what the editors were thinking too. But then ST&RS comes along with its unique storyline, and because a cancellation round was coming up and due to reader unpopularity, one of them had to go.

    I guess in terms of the editors’ perspective, it all just boiled down to two choices:
    – allow Enigma to flesh out its ending while prematurely ending ST&RS, or
    – compress Enigma’s ending in a special chapter and continue ST&RS to a natural ending

    With just 17 chapters in, an unfeasible length for a manga to have a continuation on Jump NEXT!, and a risk-taking attitude on behalf of the editors, they chose the latter option.

    I was going to suggest ST&RS’ luckiness also played a factor in a certain other manga’s performance to come later, but at the risk of sounding crazy and getting heckled by people who know better than me why that manga sucked so freaking hard, I think I’ll wait a bit first. Let’s just say it was a certain other action manga, the one that came right after.

    It’s actually been a long time since I’ve touched ST&RS, so I’ve mostly forgotten about the tiny details in the storyline. I think my awkwardly written first chapter summary on the Wiki had driven me away from it, but I think I’ve gotten over it and will read it again from the beginning.

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