Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 16 – The Prince of Tennis

It’s a bit late and has some sound issues, but it’s time for Valentine’s Month part 1!

art by Takeshi Konomi, 2008

art by Takeshi Konomi, 2008


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones.

What is this episode about? – It’s about Takeshi Konomi’s massively successful sports series The Prince of Tennis, the 8+ year legend that built up a multimedia empire around itself. I talk a lot about that stuff, and also about Fujoshi, that most excellent of female fanbases, whom are responsible for a great deal of TeniPuri’s success.

Where are the show notes? – They’re being rallied back and forth between this sentence and the post below!

-You can learn more about The Prince of Tennis over at its wiki page, as well as over at the surprisingly detailed Wikia site. Both are pretty great.
-You can see some of the plethora of fan-works surrounding TeniPuri over on Tumblr, as well as by looking the series up on just about any website ever.
-You can buy Prince of Tennis physically from most good manga-carrying bookstores, but failing that there’s also amazon (UK) (US) (CA) (WANT MORE COUNTRIES ADDED? LET ME KNOW)
-You can buy Prince of Tennis digitally from Viz Media’s own website, or at least the first twenty-eight volumes of it.
-OH! And if you want the fancy Japanese kanzenban editions, or to check out the sequel series The New Prince of Tennis, head over to Amazon JP! (Kanzenban) (New Prince of Tennis)
-Also hey, you like animé? Yeah you do! Go watch The Prince of Tennis over at Viz’s streaming site.
-*that* Keigo Atobe single, Valentine Kiss. I don’t get it.
-You can learn more about Weekly Shonen Jump over at the wiki page for it, which is almost slightly reliable.
Friendship! Effort! Victory!’s on iTunes, where subscriptions and reviews are always most welcome.
-You can find me on Twitter @Maxy_Barnard where I usually just swear and be wrong about stuff
-You can also find me on Tumblr over at The Despondent, where there’s a Schedule of upcoming episodes & an irregular supply of things relevant to mine and your interests (NOW INCL. A SMALL GALLERY OF HUGE TENIPURI COVERS)
-You can also e-mail me at maxy dot barnard at gmail dot com if you’d like.
-As always the music used in this episode is from Jump Ultimate Stars. The intro is [INTO PLANET] and the outro, appropriately is ‘Loser’


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