Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 12 – Mazinger Z

Giant robots. Go Nagai. A character who’s half man, half woman.

art by Go Nagai, 1972

art by Go Nagai, 1972


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones.

What is this episode about? – It’s about Go Nagai’s revolutionary mecha series Mazinger Z, with an eye towards why it mattered and the strange republication and continuation of it by a company other than Shueisha. It deals a bit with Go Nagai’s revolutionary production company, Dynamic Pro, whose existence allowed for Nagai’s career to be what it was, including the migration of Mazinger Z to Kodansha Comics. Also I talk about how I spent months trying to work out what version I read, and how I’m still not entirely sure. It’s a hoot!

Where are the Show Notes? – Just below my breast fire!

-I recorded this with a mild bit of sunstroke. Can YOU tell where madness set in?
-Learn about Mazinger Z and Go Nagai over at Wikipedia, as well as on Mazinger Z’s TV Tropes page, which explains a bit about why what version you read matters
-If you want the Kodansha Bunkoban releases of Mazinger Z, go to Amazon Japan. If you want the Shueisha releases, I have no idea how to help you out on that one.
-If you want the Italian comprehensive editions, check out sellers on Amazon Italy. It’s technically better than the Japanese release!(Ediz. Integrale is what you’re looking for)
-You can learn more about Weekly Shonen Jump over at the wiki page for it, which is almost slightly reliable.
Friendship! Effort! Victory!’s on iTunes, where subscriptions and reviews are always most welcome.
-You can find me on Twitter @Maxy_Barnard where I usually just swear and be wrong about stuff
-You can also find me on Tumblr over at The Despondent, where there’s a Schedule of upcoming episodes & an irregular supply of things relevant to my interests
-You can also e-mail me at maxy dot barnard at gmail dot com if you’d like.
-As always the music used in this episode is from Jump Ultimate Stars. The intro is [INTO PLANET] and the outro, appropriately is ‘Loser’


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