Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 02 – Assassination Classroom

Tentacles. But not in that way. For now.

art by Yusei Matsui, 2012

art by Yusei Matsui, 2012


What is Friendship! Effort! Victory!? – It’s a podcast about the manga and inner workings of Weekly Shonen Jump, with an eye towards accessibility and soothing camp tones.

What is this episode about? – It’s about Assassination Classroom, a new manga by Yusei Matsui (Majin Tantei Neuro Nougami), about a class of ne’er-do-well teens tasked with killing their teacher, a space alien intent on destroying the planet once their school year is over.

Where are the show notes? – Just… Just down there. Look.

-You can learn more about Assassination Classroom by going to… Well… I guess there’s this fan wiki page, but that’s not too informative.
-You can also learn a bit about Weekly Shonen Jump over at wikipedia, at least until I find the extensive history hidden away on an old livejournal blog, I swear it really exists.
-Want to buy Assassination Classroom? It’s available at Amazon Japan, if language barriers are a thing you can deal with! If they’re not, buy it anyway, and look for english fan translations by using google! It’s  your friend!
-Of course, fan translations are morally black and I cannot endorse them on this podcast, even if I wanted to. (I DO)
-Did I forget to note anything you want to know more about? Do you have feedback for me? Let me know by e-mailing maxy DOT barnard AT gmail DOT com (that’s how we do it right? not actually linking?)

What are pictorial aids? – They’re pictures that you can use to gain a better understanding of what I’m on about. LIKE THESE (roll over for captions):


2 thoughts on “Friendship! Effort! Victory! Episode 02 – Assassination Classroom

  1. I guess I’ll have to check this one out.

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